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Brgy. Dagupan Centro distributes P.3M vitamins in celebrating its 2nd Pagdadagupan Fest

Tabuk City, Kalinga – With the COVID-19 restrictions where social gatherings are prohibited, Barangay Dagupan Centro opted to celebrate its 2nd Pagdadagupan Festival with the provision of Vitamin C to its constituents.

Barangay Captain George Esteras said that the P300,000 used to buy the vitamins was budgeted for the annual festivities, which should have been conducted last May, but was realigned to benefit at least 1,200 families in Dagupan Centro.

As targeted, the 1,200 families will each get 4 mats of vitamin C tablets while children ages 12 and below shall be receiving a bottle of Vitamin C syrup each.

“Intended for ‘Pagdadagupan festival’ngem gapu garud ta maiparit pay lang dagita gatherings mineeting mi a ma-realign [lattan] daytuy through vitamins,” Esteras said.

Esteras added that Vitamin C is what his constituents really need these days to boost their immune system, serving as an added protection against the COVID-19 virus.

“Ikkan tayu da isuda iti Vitamin C [lallalo] tatta a pandemic tapnu at least marikna da met a concern tayu,” he stated.

Distribution of the vitamins kicked off Monday, October 25, and was done house to house by the elected and appointed barangay officials. Esteras, in a later update, said the giving of vitamins will continue until everything will be given to its intended recipients.

Meantime, the barangay captain urges his constituents to continue observing the health and safety protocols to protect themselves from the virus, and submit themselves for vaccination if the vaccine is available.

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