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Bulanao Centro SK in Tabuk City to hold youth talent and skills competition in December

Tabuk City, Kalinga — To provide an avenue to cultivate the different skills and talents of the young in Barangay Bulanao, the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) in Bulanao Centro is set to host various contested activities for the youth this coming December.

SK Chairman Jayzee Job Tabanganay invites the youth to participate in literary writing, poster making, singing contest, storytelling, and Tiktok next month.

He said that this activity was supposed to be conducted last year, but they had to postpone complying with the Covid-19 imposed restrictions.

Tabanganay explained that SK Bulanao Centro crafted this activity to provide a platform for the youth to practice and showcase their talents and skills as well as to give an opportunity to discover new talents and give an opportunity to school children who do not join extracurricular activities in their schools.

He added that the activity also aims to promote and develop sportsmanship and camaraderie among the youth.

“Ken tapnu ma-expose da ken lalo pay lumaing da ken ma-develop ti skills ken talent da. Malay tayo addan tu ti taga Kalinga nga madiskobre ti magapu ti national ken international nga isun ti umangatan ken sumikatan na ket ipannakkel tayon ni isuda,” he said.


Tabanganay said that the activity will be for the youth of Bulanao Centro. Registration, he said, will be until December 3, 2021.

Registration forms can be found on Sangguniang Kabataan – Bulanao Centro's official Facebook page or These forms, once filled out, shall be submitted to the said Facebook page or they could be sent through email,

Confirmation of participants will be posted on Facebook and other specific guidelines for the activity shall be discussed on December 6.

Participants will win prizes

The SK Chairman said that prizes await participants and wanted it to be a surprise in order for the youth to really enjoy and focus on the event rather than the amount of money they could win.

“Basta ti maibagak, amin nga sumali ket naragsak nu agrugi ken malpas diay event,” he assured.

Tabangay calls on the youth to join now and practice their talents and skills through these contested activities, “kayat ko nga i-encourage ti tunggal maysa, nangruna kadakayo nga kabataan ti Bulanao Centro nga sumali kayo tapnu ipakita yu ti laing yu kesa adda kayo dita nakatambay laeng, makisugsugal ken anya pay bisyo ken ditoy met lang maliklikan dagitoy madi nga bisyo kasla ti droga (shabu).”

Meantime, the youth leader expressed gratitude to Governor Ferdinand Tubban for allowing them to use the Kalinga Astrodome on the day of the event in December.

He said they opted for the said venue as they expect a large number of participants that require enough space to ensure the observance for social distancing.

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