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Cash aid assured for CARAA-bound Tabuk and Kalinga student-athletes

Updated: Apr 12

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A common struggle for students having to compete in any sports competitions is finding pocket money or allowance for their necessities.


For the strong student-athletes who will represent the City of Tabuk and the province of Kalinga in the upcoming Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) Meet, there is no need to worry.


Each athlete will be provided with P3,000 for food assistance, as pledged by Governor James Edduba. The aid, he recently announced, will be handed over to the parents of the student-athletes after the sports competition. The distribution will be facilitated by the Social Welfare and Development (SWAD) Team.

Said support was allocated from the P10 million fund requested by the governor himself, which was later approved by the Office of the House Speaker Martin Romualdez.


Initially designated for the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS) program, Romualdez specifically requested that a portion of the fund be utilized for the food assistance of CARAA players, according to the Information Services of the Provincial Governor’s Office.


Though they will be competing against the Kalinga athletes, Tabuk City players were included in the provision of the assistance as they are still yKalingas.


“A-annak tayo met isuda. Iparikna tayo met kanyada diay ar-aramiden tayo nga suporta kadagituy delegates iti Kalinga. Adu met ma-laon diay pondo nga nadawat tayo, bingayan tayo met isuda… Bassit nga gatad, ngem atleast marikna da met nga bigbigen tayo iti efforts da,” Edduba said.


Meanwhile, the governor extended his appreciation and gratitude to Romualdez’s Office for the allocation which he said is of great benefit not only for the athletes but more so for giving opportunities to those in crisis.