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‘Select leaders who embody culture, tradition and walk the talk’- Gov. Tubban on choosing IPMRs

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Governor Ferdinand B. Tubban urged Indigenous Peoples (IP) from the municipalities and city of Kalinga to select indigenous people’s leaders who could truly embody the cultures and traditions of their respective cultural communities.

“Pilien tayo ti leader nga i-biag na diay kultura ken ug-ugali tayo ta nu adda kasapulan kada concerns ket ammu na,” Tubban said during a recent gathering of IP members to formulate the local guidelines for Mandatory Representative of IPs in the Legislative Council of Kalinga at Las Vegas Hotel, Dagupan Centro, Tabuk City on August 11, 2021.

Tubban also emphasized the importance of selecting leaders who can walk the talk, as they are those who can deliver change.

The Governor expressed appreciation that the majority of the officials and members, who play significant roles in their respective locality, attended the event.

Tubban’s suggestion in crafting guidelines

Tubban asked for their active participation and to give their inputs and suggestions to ensure that the guideline is well crafted and will collectively represent all cultural communities in the province to ensure its smooth implementation.

“Ammuen tayo, amirisen tayo nga ustu. Han nga intun agawid tayo madamdama ket kastoy kuma, kastuy kuma. Nu anya dagiay aramiden tayo ditoyen, isun iti masuruten,” the governor reminded.

After the formulation of guidelines, Tubban reiterated that members should elect deserving leaders who manifest and practice local traditions.

“Kayat na saoen, datayo, inadal tayo ngata dagiay kultura ti naduma-duma a barangay tayo? Dakayo ngata ti mangi-lead?” challenged the governor.

According to National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Provincial Director Atty. Catherine Apaling, the local guidelines to be formulated are essential since these will serve as a basis for the selection of Provincial and local Indigenous People Mandatory Representatives (IPMR).

She noted that the term of the incumbent Provincial IPMR Michael Karel Suguiyao will end on September 30, 2021.

Use dialect at home, dress in cultural outfit

Tubban cited one way of observing and preserving culture is the usage of dialect. He said, dialect should be used as medium at home, especially when communicating with children.

“Dialect kuma ti usaren tayo idiay uneg ti balay ta bay-am nu rumwar diay ubing ket makiay-ayam. Ilokano man dita wennu Tagalog ket maadal na,” the governor explained.

Wearing traditional attires, Tubban said, is another way of displaying the culture.

“Be proud IPs like that of our ancestors, nga nu adda ti sumangbay, they use diay costume da,” he said.

Conduct cultural activities for the youth

The governor also encouraged the officials to hold activities promoting and preserving the culture, especially among the youth who are expected to learn, appreciate and pass the traditions to the next generations.

Apaling expressed gratitude for the support of the Office of the Governor and the Provincial IPMR in realizing said activity and all the other programs for the promotion of Kalinga IPs.

An orientation on the Indigenous People's Rights Act, NCIP Administrative Order No. 3 series of 2018, was also conducted during the event.


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