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Cockfighting raid in Isabela results to gunfight; suspect gambler shot

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Isabela, Philippines – An exchange of fire errupted between cockfighters and the police during a raid in Barangay Gangalan, San Mariano this June 20 which resulted in the gunshot wound of a farmer.

The Police Regional Office II Regional Public Information Office reported that the operatives conducted an anti-illegal gambling operation at the said place, but just as when they declared raid, a succeeding gunfire errupted. This then prompted the police to fire back.

It is alleged that the gunfire came from one of the 30 suspects who had managed to escape.

With the exchange of fire, one among the suspects had to be rushed by the police to the hospital after he was hit by a bullet on his left shoulder.

Meantime, 9 individuals were arrested and the police are still establishing the identities of at least 20 others who were able to evade arrest.

Confiscated during the operation include 8 roosters, 17 cock fighting blades, 6 units of motorcycles, and P5,016 bet money.

Place of cockfight an NPA Infested area

Meanwhile, the place of the incident is said to be a red area or a place frequently visited by the New People’s Army. This is why San Mariano Deputy Chief of Police, Police Lieutenant Julius Telan said there is a possibility that the gunfire might have been done by an NPA member.

Nevertheless, they are not ruling out other possibilities as they were also told that there were individuals joining the cockfighting with sling bags containing firearms.

Investigation of the case is still ongoing.


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