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COVID vaccination for iLubuagen minors to start soon

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Lubuagan, Kalinga - The Municipal Health Office (MHO) of Lubuagan expressed confidence that they shall be able to proceed with the immunization of children aged 12 to 17 years old against Covid-19 despite the hesitancy of a few individuals in the locality.

Municipal Health Officer Dr. Caroline Agyao informed that the health department is planning to start the vaccination before November ends.

“We are confident that we can do inoculation to our children aged 12 to 17 years old, tentatively (on the) third or fourth week of November,” Dr. Agyao, said in a virtual interview.

The MHO, together with the Department of Education-Lubuagan shall be implementing the activity targeting at least 11 children per day until all the population of the mentioned age bracket is immunized.

As recalled, health workers here had been having difficulty convincing people to take the jab since the start of the anti-CoVid-19 vaccination in the province. Said hesitancy had been a barrier, the health department admitted, halting their 70% target to ensure herd immunity among communities.

Throughout their heightened Information Education Campaign, Dr. Agyao pointed out that “vaccination has a substantial impact on reducing the incidence of hospitalization & death due to mild symptom especially to the vulnerable populace.”

“Getting vaccinated protects not only oneself but own family and the community and there will be fewer hassles when traveling local and international,” she reminded.

Meantime, in another interview, MHO Public Health Nurse Novie Eder informed that the office will conduct the innoculation of children without comorbidities next week and should be accompanied by their parents who are vaccinated during the vaccination schedule which is to be announced by the MHO once finalized.

Meanwhile, Mayor Anne Charisma Anne Dickpus lauded the efforts of the Municipal Health Office in trying to convince the public to get immunized despite the refusal of some people.

The inoculation of children, she said, is likewise important to prepare them in going back to school once face-to-face classes start in the locality.

“Sooner, nu ma-vaccine amin dagitoy ubbing, siguro metten ket mabalin tun nga i-open ti DepEd ti face-to-face classes ditoy Lubuagan,” she said, adding that the public should start to consider preparing for the opening of classes.

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