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Critically endangered sea turtle freed from sack in Claveria

Claveria, Cagayan – A normal morning walk for a young man enabled him to save life of a sea turtle belonging to critically endangered species.


Gilbert Paraggua told the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 02 that he was just walking morning of May 13 when he chanced upon a hawksbill turtle trapped in a sack along the beach.


Hawksbill turtles, accordingly, have had their population decline in the past 100 years by 90 percent, thus their species is considered critically endangered.

Having found one stranded, Paragua did not hesitate to free it from entanglement and later brought it to the BFAR-Cagayan Valley Marine Technology Outreach Station for its proper disposition.


After checking, the office found out the wildlife was in a good state and made the necessary preparations for its return to its home.


On Tuesday, May 15, the Hawksbill turtle was released back to the shoreline in Taggat Norte, Claveria.


In a statement, BFAR and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources expressed gratitude to Paraggua for the intervention he made, underscoring the significance of community involvement in marine wildlife conservation.


To recall, it was also on April 2 this year that an accidentally caught green sea turtle was released back to the shoreline in the same barangay. It was accidentally caught by a fisherman from Fuga Island but decided to turn it over to authorities for proper assessment and care.