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‘Diarrhea outbreak in Baguio now over’-Magalong

Updated: Jan 19

Baguio City, Philippines - Baguio's diarrhea outbreak was officially declared over by Mayor Benjamin Magalong on January 18, 2024.


The conclusion is based on the results of a thorough epidemiologic investigation.


On January 10, Mayor Magalong formally acknowledged the outbreak of acute gastroenteritis, a condition resulting from consuming contaminated food or water carrying harmful microorganisms like Clostridium perfringens, Vibrio cholera, and E. coli, along with their toxins.


Water samples underwent testing and were found positive for E. coli (Escherichia coli), a bacterium present in the environment, food, and the intestines of humans and animals.

On Thursday's press briefing, Mayor Magalong shared that the city's diarrhea cases have returned to a normal rate, marking the end of the outbreak.


“We are officially out of the woods and transitioning to the endemic phase, where diarrhea cases are back to the usual rate,” said the mayor.


Dr. Celia Flor Brillantes from the City Health Services Office explained that the city has issued a cease and desist order to establishments testing positive for water contamination during conducted sampling.


Names of the establishments that tested positive are withheld to comply with the Data Privacy Act. Those with positive E. coli results are prohibited from operating until cleared by the health department.


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