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DOLE-Kalinga to inspect establishments’ compliance with labor laws this February

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Department of Labor and Employment-Kalinga will start its labor inspections among micro, small, medium and large establishments, anytime this month in the city, to ensure their compliance with the general labor standards and occupational safety and health standards.

This came after DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III issued Administrative Order No. 11, series of 2022, authorizing “routine and complaint inspections, occupational safety and health standards investigations, and special inspections until December 31, 2022, unless earlier revoked.”

In an interview with Emmanuel Barcellano, Senior Labor Employment Officer of DOLE-Kalinga, he said that the conduct of the inspection to all establishments in the city intends to look into their compliance with the requirements stated under the general labor standards, and occupational safety and health standards.

This, he said, will ensure that the rights and welfare of employees and clients as well as the safety of the workplace are observed.

Barcellano added that establishments, regardless of the number of employees and risk level, should have their own safety officers, since safety violation pays heavy penalty under the law.

“Diay nadagsen tatta ket diay requirement under the law for all establishments, regardless of the number of employees, from low risk to high risk, is having their own safety officers.

Mabalin da nga agpa-train iti trusted employees or even managers themselves, i-train da ti bagbagi da nga isuda ti safety officer of their own karkaru nu babasit nga establishments,” Barcellano said.

Barcellano also advised establishments who have not yet registered with DOLE to do their registration as it is now mandatory and that non-compliant establishments would face a corresponding penalty.

“Kase nu haan da naka-register iti DOLE ket that’s a problem, kase nu madalapus mi isuda ay ket kapilitan violation diyay.” Barcellano remarked.

The labor officer also encourages employees who have complaints regarding their employment status to file assistance online or may come personally to the DOLE field office to assist them with their labor concerns and issues.



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