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Drunken man hacked in the face in Pilar, Abra

Pilar, Abra – A drunken man was injured in a hacking incident during a quarrel, following a drinking session at Sitio Sabsabodao, Barangay Poblacion, Pilar, Abra, on Nov. 16, 2021.

Abra Philippine National Police Command reported that Pilar Municipal Police Station responded to a commotion resulting in hacking.

Pilar police identified the victim as Arturo Idao Balucas, 42, married, and the suspect as Ronald Dasalla Macasiray, 33, married. Both are residents of said barangay.

Pilar police, in an initial investigation, said that Balucas and his drinking buddies were having a drinking session at around 12:20 a.m. when a heated argument ensued among them. The altercation was so loud it disturbed the neighborhood.

Macasiray, who lives nearby, tried to pacify the group, but later decided to go home as he was unable to stop them.

Five minutes after, Balucas followed Macasiray and went on throwing stones at his house. Macasiray confronted Balucas with a bolo and hacked him in his face.

Balucas, who sustained an injury on his face, was rushed to the Rural Health Unit of the said municipality for proper care.

Macasiray was immediately arrested by the Pilar MPS led by PCMS Anthony Millante who responded to the incident.

A bolo used in the hacking was also recovered.

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