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  • Writer's picture Mark Moises Calayan

ECT-LE top 4 from Apayao says he spent 10 months to prepare for board exam

Luna, Apayao - Before taking your board exams, how long do you have to prepare?


For the April 2024 Electronics Technician Licensure Examination (ECT-LE) Top 4 from Pudtol, Apayao, he spent ten months reviewing before taking his licensure exam.


“Most people might agree that we allot a lot of time to prepare before taking exams. And for me, I invested myself for the last 10 months reviewing in preparation for my board exam,” Mark Roel Evangelista shared in his interview with Guru Press Cordillera.

Evangelista, who graduated from Mariano Marcos State University - Batac Campus, made sure that he would pass the licensure test to make his parents proud.


“The only thing that is important to me is to pass and to make my parents proud and at last, I can finally say I have clinched this fulfillment,” he said.


Doing the things he loves after review


Some people might say that when a person has been addicted to online games they have less possibility of passing their exams, but for Evangelista, doing the things he loves while reviewing is possible.


 “I stayed up all night reviewing but I still make sure that I have time for myself and I still have time to do things I love such as playing video games and many more,” he said.


Taking some rest and having a prayer time


The topnotcher also revealed that a few days before his exam, he no longer did reviews but instead, he took a rest and trusted everything to God.


“Honestly, the days before the exam, I could no longer cram and review and so I made sure to give myself a good rest and simply offered everything to God,” he admitted.


“For me, the hardest time of taking the exams is the last remaining days before the actual exam but I have made sure to keep my sanity intact so I prayed to God that he would guide and enlighten me whenever I feel down,” he added.


Evangelista expressed gratitude to all the people behind his success saying, “None of these would have been possible without the encouragement of my family, friends, mentors, and the unwavering support of my teachers. . . . . I thank you all for your kind words, prayers, and support.”


“Your belief in me has been a driving force, and I am forever thankful. Here’s to the future and all the possibilities it holds,” he further said.