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Edduba rallies support to “Lumin-awa Blood Samaritan” Program in Kalinga

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Blood donation drive through the “Lumin-awa Blood Samaritan” program in the province continues under Governor James Edduba’s administration to provide adequate blood supply to those urgently in need, relates Information Officer Dionica Alyssa Legasi.

Governor Edduba has been spearheading blood donation drives in Kalinga in the past years.

In recent interviews, Edduba shared that his involvement in blood donation initiatives began during his tenure as mayor of Pasil. This commitment was born from a personal experience when a young relative, diagnosed with dengue, urgently required a blood transfusion.

“I prayed to God. Kunak, ‘if You spare the child, I promise to dedicate my life to do something so that these things will not happen again.’ And nagsurvive diay ubing,” he recounted.

Since then, Pasil LGU had been conducting medical missions in its barangays. The initiative was dubbed as the "Blood Olympics” and it garnered impressive results of blood donations, earning them multiple National Sandugo Awards. Also, whenever Edduba celebrates his birthday, he commemorates the occasion by organizing a blood donation drive.

Immediately after taking office as the governor, a blood donation drive was organized as part of the province's 28th founding anniversary celebration and 4th Bodong Festival.

The voluntary act of blood donation has become a fundamental component of his comprehensive 8-point LUMIN-AWA agenda. Collaborating with various organizations including the Philippine Red Cross, the Provincial Health Office of the PLGU, and the Kalinga Provincial Hospital (KPH), as well as private sectors, this initiative has been formalized as the "Lumin-awa Blood Samaritan Program."

To ensure the program's sustainability, Governor Edduba allocated a budget of P500,000.00 for essential blood processing and screening. Additionally, a yearly Provincial Aid of P50,000.00 has been allocated to support the Philippine Red Cross Kalinga Chapter.

The Provincial Health Office under the supervision of Dr. Eduard Tandingan oversees the program's implementation. The collected blood is stored at the KPH and made available to patients in need without charge.

PIO, in this regard, strongly encourages the community to donate blood at the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) office to maintain the adequacy of blood supply in the province.

“Such milestone reminds us that united efforts can create a bigger and brighter future for Kalinga,” PIO emphasized.



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