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Fire prevention month commences, BFP Kalinga reminds public on fire safety

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As Fire Prevention Month starts, the Bureau of Fire Protection Kalinga is once again reminding the public of the importance of practicing basic fire prevention measures at home, saying that simple actions could save lives.

The Fire Prevention Month commences in Kalinga today, March 4, 2022, through a motorcade and a simple program spearheaded by the Tabuk City Fire Station and the BFP Kalinga Provincial Office.

In an interview with Kalinga Acting Fire Director Chief Inspector Arvin Aquino, he explained that March is usually the month when several fire incidents occur due to the hot temperature during the period.

With the observation of the Fire Prevention Month, Aquino said that they take the time as an opportunity to conduct extensive information education campaign for the public to be reminded about fire safety.

“I-conduct mi daytoy a pang-remind kadagiti constituents tayo tapnu mai-remind da manen iti panagan-annad ditoy mapaminsalang sunog a kunada,” he said, adding that fire prevention is everyone’s concern and not only the BFP.

Aquino also highlighted the importance of basic fire prevention measures at home, such as unplugging appliances which are not being used, regular checking of electrical wirings, and making sure that LPG tanks are closed when they are not being utilized.

The Acting Kalinga Fire Director also cautioned parents to make sure their children will not play with fire.

“Dagita a banag ket bassit lang nga agpaysu ngem naka-contribute tayo iti fire prevention,” Aquino stressed.

Lastly, he advised the public to immediately call the nearest fire stations in their area in case of fire and emergency.

This year’s Fire Prevention Month is being observed with the theme; "Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog, Hindi ka Nag-iisa!"


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