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First accredited chocolate-making training center in Cordillera offers free training

Updated: Mar 5

Baguio City, Philippines – Prior to the success of the inaugural Chocolate Fest celebration on Valentine’s Day, its organizer had already made history by pioneering the region’s first accredited Chocolate Making Center in September 2023, offering free training programs.


In accordance with its mission and vision, the Chocolate Making Training Center collaborates with Cordillera farmers to enhance cacao production, fostering Cordillera as a prominent hub for cacao cultivation and processing.


In June 2023, the training center applied for accreditation and marked the beginning of its free training program from October 2023 to March 2024, exclusively.


During this period, it equipped 55 proficient individuals, as stated by CEO Eva Ritchelle Padua in an interview with Guru Press Cordillera.


The training center offers courses in cacao farm maintenance, fermentation, tablea making, and chocolate making, each lasting 2-3 days.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be awarded a certificate bearing the logos of the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute and the training center.


This certification not only acknowledges their proficiency in tablea making and chocolate making but also paves the way for them to pursue careers as certified tablea and chocolate makers.


Beginning in April 2024, training fees will be implemented for those interested in mastering the art of tablea and chocolate making. The tablea making course will be priced at 4,000 pesos, inclusive of food, while the chocolate making class is priced at 8,500 pesos, covering food expenses.

Notably, in recognition of Ms. Padua’s contribution as a regional chairperson of Cordillera Cacao Industry Development Coucil, cacao farm maintenance training will be provided free of charge.


As for the fermentation training, preparations are underway for its implementation.