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First Giant Chess Board’ unveiled at Baguio City Grandmaster’s View chess tournament

Updated: Mar 15

Baguio City, Philippines – While other provinces offer chess games traditionally played on small, handy boards, chess tournaments in Baguio City have undergone a remarkable transformation, showcasing the game on a grand scale.

Under the initiative of the Director of Sports Entertainment Activities and Recreations at Baguio Country Club (BCC), the city unveiled the inaugural of the first huge chess board dubbed as ‘Grandmaster’s View’, catching everyone’s attention with its size and unique gameplay.

Director Roanne Galicia expressed in an interview with PTV Cordillera the club’s innovative approach to complementing physical activities with mentally stimulating ones but in an attractive and distinctive level.

This aim sets them apart from other recreational venues.

The impressive giant chess board measures 5.8 x 5.8 meters, with the largest chess piece reaching a height of 2 feet.

It was first utilized by 20 participants during a chess tournament on March 9-10, with 8 competing in the children’s category and 12 in the adult category.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong, who was present during the event, also tried playing with the giant chess board.

According to him, it was his first time playing such a large-scale version. He mentioned that it felt different from the traditional chess game and emphasized its appeal to all chess lovers.

He highlighted that the presence of the unique attraction in Baguio City serves as a great motivation for chess lovers.

BCC assures that it is open to the public but encourages enthusiasts to register on its website before being granted permission.