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Gov. Tubban creates Kalinga Health Promotion Committee

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga - To guide the Provincial Health Board on health promotion policies, programs in addressing health determinants and health risk factors, Governor Ferdinand Tubban issued Executive Order No. 41, creating the Kalinga Health Promotion Committee.

The order was crafted based on Administrative Order 2020-0042 of the DOH on health promotion framework strategy, requiring the creation of Provincial or City Health Board.

This is for the province's guidance and direction on the operationalization of health promotion as envisioned in the Universal Health Care (UHC).

Stated in EO No. 41 are the functions of the Provincial HPC which include guiding the development and planning of the provision of proactive, effective health promotion policies, programs, activities, and campaigns in the Province-Wide Health Systems (PWHS).

Also, the committee shall recommend stricter ordinances that strengthen and broaden existing health promotion policies, programs, and activities.

Further, the HPC shall be responsible for monitoring and evaluating with the HPU the implementation of health promotion in the PWHS and submit a semestral report to DOH and DILG detailing the progress and impact of the health policies, programs, and activities.

The Provincial HPC is chaired by Provincial Health Officer II, Dr. Edward Tandingan.

The committee is composed of the following members: Local Budget and Finance Officer, Claudio Gunday; Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer, Rosemaritez Oyawon; Land Transportation Officer-DOTr Kalinga, Jenny Canao-Angog; Philippine Information Agency, Peter Balocnit; and Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Officer, Engr. Dominic Jude Sugguiyao.

Other members of the HPC are DILG-Kaling Provincial Director, Engr. Mayer Max Adong; DTI-Kalinga headed by Renie Ramos; Schools Division-Kalinga led by Amado Garcia, Sr.; Provincial DOH Office under the leadership of Dr. Bernadette Andaya; Chief of District Hospitals, Dr. Rey Aranca; Philippine National Red Cross-Kalinga Chapter led by Raymund Chan; and Kalinga Religious Association (KARSA) Chairman, Rev. Norman Taynan.

Secretariat of the committee includes PHO Health Education and Promotion Officers, Chinayon Badival and Marcel Wangiwang; Provincial Information Officer Dionica Alyssa Mercado, PHO AO, Gregoria Awid; and Provincial Administrative Office Representative, Shawn Michael Barilla.

Under the Executive Order, the committee shall agree to meet on a quarterly basis or on a per needed basis as called by the Chairperson, and on a written request of a simple majority among the committee members. This is for the discussion of matters regarding the implementation, enforcement, and monitoring of health promotion.

Moreover, members of the committee shall submit an annual declaration of conflict of interest, so as to avoid a conflict of interest in the delivery of primary care services, particularly on tabacco and milk products in keeping with RA 9211 or The Tabacco regulation Act of 2003, and EO No.51 or The Milk Code.


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