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Gov. Tubban deploys more teams in search for Gonzalo siblings

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As the Chairperson of the Provincial Risk and Reduction and Management Council, Governor Ferdinand Tubban deployed more retrieval teams and personally monitored the operations in search of the missing Gonzalo siblings.

The siblings were reported to have drowned during a family outing at the Chico River on February 01, 2022.

The victims, Maybelle Gonzalo, 20, and her sibling Frank Gonzalo, 17, were students and residents of Purok 1, Bulanao, according to the report of Tabuk City Police Station.

In an effort to find the victims, the provincial government of Kalinga through the initiative of Tubban requested the assistance of the Philippine Coast Guard based in Region 2. The personnel from the agency arrived this morning.

During the operational briefing held earlier today, Tubban instructed overall policy direction, guidance, and priorities that should be done in the operations.

The governor likewise gave authority to the designated Incident Commander, Police Major (PMAJ) George A. Acob of Philippine National Police Tabuk City to supervise and carry out the search and retrieval operation.

According to the Provincial Governor’s Office-Information Services, a total of 106 personnel were deployed for the search and retrieval, of which 28 are from the CDRRMO, 4 from SWAT Tabuk City, 6 from 503rd Infantry Brigade, 10 from PNP, 15 from BFP, 8 rescuers from Amulung Cagayan, 12 from BLGU Bulanao Centro, 8 from the Region 2 Coast Guard, and members from 1405th Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion (RRIBn) and personnel of CDC (4 officers and 9 enlisted reservist).

Tubban advised the personnel to be cautious and alert while doing their work.

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