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Gov. Tubban reminds PLGU employees 'as public servants' to give best service

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Governor Ferdinand Tubban, during the flag raising and awarding ceremony held this December 6, stressed to his fellow government workers that they are all servants and they should give the best service to the people.

The flag raising ceremony is the first time in a long time since the onset of the pandemic. By the time Kalinga was put under Alert Level 2, small gatherings have been allowed along with the observance of protocols.

As workers of the government, the governor underscored that the kind of service they provide affects the province as a whole, thus they should not waste the chance and time given to them to serve.

“We ought to keep in mind that we are here to serve and not to be served,” affirmed Tubban.

The governor considers their work in the government as privilege sie to the fact that not all people are given the chance to serve in the government “ngem saan laeng nga prebelihiyo nu di ket maysa met laeng nga dakkel nga responsibilidad.”

Tubban then urged the employees to make the best of their position to best serve the people, reminding that they are judged according to their efficacy and quality of output

“Saan tayo garud nga agsadut-sadot, saan tayo koma agreklamo nga saan nasayat ti patakaran ti gobyerno… saan koma nga diay napermanenten ket agur-uray laeng nga agretiro,” stressed the governor.

The awarding of the plaque of recognition and cash incentives to the employees who have sacrificed beyond expectations, Tubban said, is a good chance to remind them of their tasks.

“We need to wake up ourselves and talk to ourselves… and once again work like the first day we came to our office… excited, energetic and passionate,” concludes the governor.

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