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‘Han nga maited ti kwarta ta inka idulin ta kwartan ti umili dayta’-Balbalan Mayor Malannag on allocating substantial prizes to municipal-wide contests

Balbalan, Kalinga – The local government unit of Balbalan in Kalinga has taken a distinctive approach by allocating significant monetary prizes for municipal-wide competitions. This initiative aims not only to foster development but also to motivate active participation from various barangays within the town.


In November 2023, the LGU dispersed a remarkable sum of P3.6 million in cash rewards to honor the top achievers of the annual “Most Child-Friendly Barangay” competition.


In an exclusive interview, Mayor Almar Malannag shed light on the LGU's deliberate allocation of a considerable budget for prizes in addition to developmental initiatives. He stressed that this financial support is not merely an expenditure, but an investment aimed at motivating barangays to excel in various contests.

This strategy, he said, is in line with the Whole-of-Nation approach advocated by the national government, wherein attention and resources are directed to the grassroots level.


Furthermore, Malannag emphasized that it is imperative that government resources and attention are not solely concentrated in urban centers but extend to communities. He added that it is the official’s responsibility to show the public the government's presence and concern.


“Ti kayat nga maaramid ti national government ngamin, ited da kwarta tapnu gastosen tayo ti mayat nga paggastosan. Han nga maited ti kwarta ta inka idulin… ta kwartan ti umili dayta. Kailangan nga diay buwis ti umili nga ited da ti government, isublin diay babaen kadagiay,” he stated.


The mayor reiterated that offering substantial prizes serves as the LGU’s way of giving back the public's money by incentivizing community involvement and acknowledging their contributions to the municipality's progress.


Malannag assured that such prizes are programmed during budget hearings. This planning ensures that financial allocations for these incentives are accounted for.


Mayor Malannag's emphasis on responsible budgeting and inclusive development echoes a commitment to ensuring that government resources directly benefit and empower the local populace, aligning with the goal of holistic and inclusive progress.