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Isabela’s Pancit Cabagan featured in Japan’s Minato International Cultural Exhibition

Updated: Feb 9

Isabela, Philippines – Isabela’s very own stir-fried noodle dish has not only shone in the Philippines but has now also taken center stage in Tokyo, Japan.


The renowned Pancit Cabagan, a local dish made of fresh Cabagan noodles with a considerable amount of ‘carajay’ and vegetable toppings, was featured in the 2024 Minato International Cultural Exhibition in Tokyo, which culminated on February 6.

The Minato International Cultural Exhibition, an annual project of the Minato City government, provides avenues for Minato locals to enjoy and appreciate other cultures from around the world.


Showing a fraction of Philippine heritage in this year’s exhibition is the Pancit Cabagan, which was displayed during the event at Roppongi Hills.


According to the Philippine Embassy in Japan, featured alongside the noodle dish were the favorite traditional foods of other ambassadors whose embassies are in Minato City.


Meanwhile, the Local Government Unit of Cabagan was thrilled with the news, acknowledging the people who turned Pancit Cabagan into a ‘symbol of culinary excellence’.