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KAELCO conducts massive disconnection to collect delinquent electricity bills

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Kalinga Apayao Electric Cooperative started its massive disconnection for households with arrear balances in 2020 and 2021 or during the pandemic when the highest quarantine measure was imposed.

KAELCO Energy Trading Chief, Leonardo Egcatan, said that consumers with delinquent electricity bills should settle their payables within 48 hours upon receiving the disconnection notice.

Egcatan clarified that their goal is to actually collect unpaid bills due to the COVID-19 crisis. He said that as the pandemic situation is getting better and most mobility restrictions are being lifted, these arrears must be settled.

“Massive collection actually ti kayat mi ta medyo ngimmato ti arrears. Addu ti haan a nagbaybayad, ngem tadta ta medyo agnor-normalize metten, ken adu met lang ti kasapulan tayo met lang a bayadan ket masapul ma-collect tayo dagitoy,” Egcatan explained.

Egcatan divulged that apart from the notice issued before disconnection, consumers were also given a prior warning last month, urging them to pay their bill.

“Adda iwar-waras mi nga ummuna a notice. Adda met lang notice of disconnection nga ited mi a masapul ag-settle da within 48 hours, and then disconnection follows. Tanangen da diyay haan nag-comply idiay notice, isu ti apan da i-disconnect,” he said.

Reconnection, payment and other charges

Egcatan enlightened that consumers who have past due balances will have additional charges to their accounts.

“Aside from the outstanding balance that is past due ket adda surcharge na. 50 pesos nu less than 1 thousand diyay bill. Nu above 1 thousand ket 5 percent na. And then nu ma-disconnect ket adda additional reconnection fee a 200,” he explained.

When asked about past dues during the implementation of “no disconnection” policy or the grace period as ordered by the Energy Regulatory Commission in compliance with the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Egcatan said they will not be charged with additional fees like the surcharge fee. However, he said that they will still pay for reconnection fee when service is disconnected due to non-payment.

Egcatan said that when disconnected, consumers can only make their payment at the KAELCO main office so that they can make a job order right away to reinstate their service connection.

“Nu na-disconnect en agbayad ditoy office ta haan mi in-allow dagita agent mi nga ag-singir da para iti reconnection, ken ti pagmayatan na nu diyay office, agaramid iti job order a sigud tapnu dagus ma-reconnect,” Egcatan said.

The Energy Trading Chief reiterated that for customers to avoid their service being cut off, they must pay their bills within 48 hours upon receiving their notice of disconnection. In this instance, he said, the consumers can make their payment at any of their collecting centers and accredited stores.

“Dagiti upon receiving pay lang ti notices, mabalin iti collection center mi itoy Dagupan Rizal Park dita compound ti city hall. Nu ditoy Bulanao, adda idiay Purok 3 ken ditoy met laeng opisina. Adda met dagitoy accredited collection agents, makita piman idyay store da ket adda diyay KAELCO payment,” Egcatan explained.

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