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Kalinga establishes 21 COMELEC checkpoints for gun ban policy

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As the 150-day election period begins this January 9, 21 checkpoints have been established in Kalinga to implement the gun ban policy from the Commission on Elections.

Of the 21 checkpoints, 6 are in Tabuk City; 4 in Pinukpuk; 3 in Pasil; 2 in Balbalan, Lubuagan, and Tanudan; and 1 in Rizal and Tinglayan.

Additionally, 2 of these established checkpoints are spot checkpoints, which means they are movable and not fixed to only one area.

Kalinga Provincial Election Supervisor, Atty. Dexter Barry Cawis mentioned that the permit to carry firearms is suspended from January 9 to June 8 this year, failure to adhere will be subjected to election offense which is 1 year to 6 years imprisonment.

He added that those caught without a license will face another case, which is illegal possession of firearms.

What is expected of the law Enforcers to do?

Law enforcers led by at least a police lieutenant must have a presentable appearance and must be wearing their prescribed uniform.

The checkpoints must be properly lighted and visible to approaching motorists and the signage must be clear and readable from a distance with standard markings.

Additionally, only official vehicles with blinkers turned on shall be used at checkpoints.

What Motorists ought to do?

For motorists and drivers, they should slow down upon noticing PNP and AFP checkpoints, and at nighttime, they have to switch on cabin lights first, then dim headlights.

They should take time to scrutinize the checkpoint signboard to see if it’s official and they have to keep in mind that only visual search is allowed. There is no need to open any compartment or item for the personnel manning the checkpoint.

Motorists also have to make sure all doors are locked.

Moreover, motorists should be calm, courteous, and confident in answering pertinent questions, and they should as well prepare their driver’s license and car registration for presentation.

Motorist should assert their rights as there should be no physical and body search.

Lastly, they should immediately report any violations to proper authorities.


For the exemption to gun ban, Cawis explained that the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and other law enforcement agencies are automatically exempted, provided that they are in uniform and on duty.

As for the private individuals, they can file for an exemption by accessing wherein they can find the Gun Ban Exemption Application link at the homepage of the website. From there, they have to attach the requirements and follow the steps needed.

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