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Kalinga gong players, pot dancers unite for world record-breaking performance

Tabuk City, Kalinga – YKalingas of all ages, hailing from the different towns in the province, united and danced their way to break the world record for the “largest gong ensemble” and “largest banga dance” during the “Awong Chi Gangsa, Agtu’n Chi Banga” held Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

Some 8,121 endured the rain and patiently waited for the second part of the program to be finished for their performance at Kalinga Sports Complex.

Those in charge counted the total number of male gong players and female “banga” (pot) dancers by scanning individually the barcodes on the wristband worn by each of the performers.

Gong players first played their gong in synchrony in at least five minutes, as set by the Guinness World Record.

In the concluding ceremony, Official Adjudicator Kazuyoshi Kirimura proclaimed the performers beat the previous record of 150, having a total of 3,440 gong players, thus seizing the “largest gong ensemble world title.”

For the “largest banga dance”, pot dancers in the province broke the record of 250, registering a total of 4,681.

Performers likewise formed the “Dove of Peace,” while the municipality of Rizal unfurled the “longest bahag” in the Philippines, measuring at least 1,000 meters.

Star pot dancers from Pasil and Lubuagan further presented their exhibition before the thanksgiving prayer of Most Rev. Prudencio Andaya Jr., chairman of the committee of the grand spectacle.

Governor James Edduba thanked all performers for their sacrifices that led to the success of the province's attempt.

“Kadakayo nga kailyan, thank you ti sakripisyo yu, agasem ngay agtudtudu ket inan-anusan tayo. Haan nga nagbalin daytoy nu awan kayo kakailyan. Thank you very much!” he expressed.

“Awong Chi Gangsa, Agtun Chi Banga”, dubbed in English as the “Call of a Thousand Gongs, the Dance of a Thousand Pots” is among the highlight of the annual Bodong Festival, showcasing peace and unity of the people of Kalinga.

Other members of the Adjudication Witness Panel for this year are Stanley Anongos of Benguet State University; Atanacio Addog of NCIP-CAR; and Allen Marquez and Kenneth Maslang of St. Mary's University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.


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