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Kalinga PLGU prepares for impending El Niño

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Anticipating the imminent arrival of El Niño, Kalinga PLGU is taking proactive measures to brace itself for the anticipated weather phenomenon. Governor James Edduba has stressed the importance of preparedness and highlighted discussions with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during a meeting early August in Tuguegarao City.

Addressing concerns about the province's vulnerability to El Niño, Governor Edduba confirmed its potential impact. He revealed that President Marcos Jr. had raised this concern with the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) during their meeting.

The Governor explained that while the recent Typhoon Falcon might have caused some confusion, he related that PAGASA clarified that the effects of El Niño were distinct and were expected to manifest from September to February of the following year.

Governor Edduba then emphasized the importance of staying vigilant against misinformation and distractions arising from unrelated weather incidents. He stressed that the province should not be swayed by temporary deviations from the impending El Niño impact.

He also noted that the recent typhoons were anomalies and encouraged residents to sustain their preparedness efforts.

Asked about the province's expectations from these preparations, Governor Edduba referred to Senator Imee Marcos's call to implement various water conservation measures.

“Isu diyay ti ibagbaga met ni Senator Imee, let’s all activate all forms of reserving water, example: small ponds, small cistern. Dagidiay met ti in-suggest na,” he told Station 1 Radio in an interview.

He reiterated the President's commitment to assist affected farmers by providing heat-resistant seedlings and plants to mitigate potential crop losses.

“In preparation for that, adda met lang diay in-mention ni president regarding dagidiay assistance tu, especially kadagitoy farmers nga nu mabalin nga dagidiay mai-mula da ket those plants nga medyo resistant ti heat,” he disclosed.

Addressing the public, Governor Edduba affirmed that the province is actively gearing up to face the challenges posed by El Niño. He urged residents to take initiative in their preparations, given the certainty of the phenomenon's occurrence.

He reassured the community of the local government's unwavering support and dedication to delivering optimal services during these trying times.

“Knowing nga kasdiay talaga ti phenomenon nga maaramid, let’s prepare for this. Anyway, as always we’ll always be there to support ken tapnu maited mi ti best service nga maited to the people,” he ended.


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