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Kalinga showcase local artists work, culture with ‘Art in the Park’

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Kalinga Province is set to hold the first “Art in the Park” event that will be held this September 30 at the Capitol Park, Bulanao Tabuk City which will allow local artists to showcase their talents through their works while promoting Kalinga culture.

The artists will be demonstrating how they do their work. The outputs will be collected by the tourism office and will be displayed for auction during the month-long celebration of the Indigenous People’s month celebration next month.

After the exhibit in Kalinga, said paintings will be forwarded to DOT-Regional Office for display and auction during the Art in the Park on its fourth year in Baguio City.

The proceeds of the artworks’ auction will be given to their respective artists to help them recover from the crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Art in the Park’ is simultaneously done with other provinces in Cordillera as a means to engage with local artists and the creative sector in taking the role of promoting Cordilleran culture.

Department of Tourism-Cordillera Regional Director Jovita Ganongan said the main purpose of the tourism event is to craft artworks that will showcase the solidarity of the region in making tourism as the main catalyst for recovery and transformation while highlighting the unique Cordillera culture and identity as our contribution towards the development of the Filipino brand.

In Kalinga, the tourism event will highlight 20 local artists’ exhibits. Alongside the exhibition, a mini-concert by local singers will be conducted.

In a meeting held Wednesday, September 21, at the Provincial Tourism Office, Supervising Tourism Operations Officer Lorraine A. Ngao-i along with members of the religious sector, Philippine National Police, Kalinga LGU personnel, and some local artists identified the 20 individuals whose work will be showcased during the event.

While the local artists to partake in the event are already chosen, interested artists are encouraged to join the event but are required to bring with them their own painting materials - paintbrush, canvas, and pallet, among others.


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