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Kalinga under MECQ from Oct. 1-15, entertainment and dine-in not permitted

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The Provincial Government of Kalinga issued Executive Order No. 2021-34 prescribing the guidelines that shall be implemented while the province is under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ).

Under the new classification, the province is put to stricter quarantine protocols from October 1-15, 2021, with the continuous surge of COVID-19 cases.

Provincial Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of the Provincial Health Office reported that, as of September 30, 2021, the average daily number of confirmed cases per month is 71, with total active cases of 1,169.

Healthcare facilities are likewise overwhelmed as the Temporary Treatment and Management Facility bed occupancy rate are on critical risk levels.

According to the guidelines released by the Office of the Governor, minimum public health standards shall be complied with at all times for the duration of MECQ.

“The movement of all persons shall be limited to accessing goods and services from permitted establishments, for work in such establishment, or for such other activities allowed hereunder,” the guideline stated.

Any person below 18 years old, over 65 years old, and those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risks, and pregnant women shall be required to remain in their residences at all times, except for obtaining essential goods and services, or for work in industries and offices.

Under the executive order, public and private hospitals, food, and other essential industries shall remain open and be undertaken at full on-site capacity for the duration of MECQ.

Only hotels or accommodation establishments with a valid Department of Tourism Accreditation shall be allowed to accommodate guests and clients for legitimate purposes under a state of a public health emergency.

Prohibited Establishments NOT Permitted to Operate, Work, or be Undertaken during MECQ

Entertainment venues with live performers, recreational venues such as internet cafes, amusement industries, outdoor sports courts, casinos, horse racing, cockfighting, gaming establishments except for the draws conducted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office shall be prohibited during MECQ.

Other venues or establishments that are not permitted include indoor visitor or tourist attractions, libraries, cultural shows and exhibits, outdoor tourist attractions, venues for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions.

Dine-in services of food establishments, personal care services including beauty salons, parlors, spas, wellness and holistic centers, therapy establishments, and home services are also not permitted to operate.

Government Agencies to remain under alternative work arrangements

The order stated that agencies and instrumentalities of the government shall be fully operational, with skeleton workforce on-site and the remainder under alternative work arrangements.

Health workers and those under emergency frontline services, laboratory and testing services, border control, or other critical services may be required for greater on-site capacity in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations issued by the Civil Service Commission.

Suspension of face-to-face classes

Face-to-face or in-person classes shall be suspended and that the education sector shall operate in accordance with the guidelines of CHED for higher education, TESDA for vocational education and training, and DepEd for basic education.

On curfew hours

According to the MECQ guideline, uniform curfew hours may be imposed by LGUs, subject to the guidelines issued by the DILG. Workers, cargo vehicles, public transportation, and operating hours of permitted establishments, however, shall not be restricted by such curfew.


“Any violation shall constitute non-cooperation of the person or entities punishable under Section 9 paragraph (d) or (e) as the case may be, of Republic Act No. 11332, otherwise known as the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations,” the executive order read.

Violators shall be subjected to administrative cases, without prejudice to the prosecution of criminal action(s) if probable cause exists.


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