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KNOW the designated common poster areas in the province

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Pursuant to Resolution No. 10730 of the Commission on Election, the local poll body on February 26, 2022, identified designated common poster areas in the province.

Section 21 of Resolution No. 10730 allows candidates to set up temporary structures in the identified Common Poster Areas for them to display their campaign materials.

The resolution prohibits parties or candidates to display their campaign posters in a post, a tree, the wall of a building, or an existing public structure that is in active use.

“In cases where parties and candidates still persist in displaying, posting, or exhibiting their campaign or election propaganda on trees and plants, they shall be prosecuted for violation of these Rules, without prejudice to the institution of a criminal complaint for the violation of Republic Act No. 35715,” reads the resolution.

Sizes of each common poster area and individual Posters

Further, the resolution limits the size of each common poster area for candidates. The political parties and party-list groups shall not exceed 12 by 16 feet or its equivalent, but not exceeding a total area of 192 square feet.

Independent candidates are limited to four (4) by six (6) feet or its equivalent, but not exceeding a total area of 24 square feet.

Meanwhile, the sizes of individual posters that may be posted in each common poster area shall not exceed two (2) by three (3) feet.

However, in case of space limitations, posters of candidates of political parties may be reduced to a uniform size to accommodate all candidates. This regulation is also violated by making single letters of names having the maximum size or lesser and then putting them together to form a size exceeding two (2) by three (3) feet.

Common poster Area

Below are the identified common poster areas in the Province of Kalinga:

For Tinglayan

For Tanudan

For Balbalan

For Lubuagan

For Pasil

For Pinukpuk

For Tabuk City

For Rizal



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