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‘Law abiding citizen tayo ket sipupuso ak nga mangtanggap iti dayta a suspension’ – VM Dao-as

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Vice Mayor Bernard Glenn Dao-as accepts suspension wholeheartedly, stressing it is to respect the law and the decision of the Ombudsman, following the suspension order served by the Department of Interior and Local Government, Kalinga.

Dao-as, in a brief talk during the simple ceremony held this December 28 in Barangay Appas, mentioned this as he turned over his position to Councilor Attorney Zorayda Mia Wacnang, who will be acting as the City Vice Mayor.

In his message, Dao-as said that his suspension order which is due to a case filed against him over the conversion of a lot he bought when he was still the barangay captain of Appas was served to him this December 27.

“Anya ngay garud ket law-abiding citizen tayo met ket sipupuso ak a nga mangtanggap iti dayta a suspension,” he conveyed.

Dao-as also expressed confidence to Attorney Wacnang who will be acting as the vice mayor while he’s serving his suspension, “pagyamanak ta ammuk met iti ugali na. Maysa met nga natangken ken naprinsipyo nga tao. Haan met nga mangper-personal.”

He only asked Councilor Wacnang to continue the good things he started as the vice mayor and to look after and to take care of the staff of the City Vice Mayor Office.

“Ken nu anya man iti nagkur-kurangak kas maysa nga vice mayor ket sika a iti mangpun-puno kuma kadagiay nagkur-kurangak,” he said.

Dao-as concluded his message by asking his staff at the City Vice Mayor’s Office to support Councilor Wacnang the way they supported him.

Meantime, Dao-as awaits the decision from the Ombudsman regarding the Motion for Reconsideration which he filed.

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