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Lubuagan regulates butchering of Carabaos during traditional ceremonies

Lubuagan, Kalinga - The slaughtering of Carabaos during wakes, "puksu", "bodong" and "peyalus" will now be regulated in the municipality of Lubuagan in fulfillment of the recently passed Ordinance number 02, series of 2021.

Also known as “An ordinance regulating the slaughtering of carabao(s) during wakes, puksu and bodong celebration and prohibiting the slaughtering of carabao(s) during cultural marriage ‘payalus’,” aims to eliminate extravagant expenses and will protect the dignity and self-worth of those people who are financially incapable to procure and butcher carabao(s)" during the said occasions.

Moreover, it aims to preserve the carabaos since they are now being considered as endangered species aside from being important as working animals contributing to the economic gains, especially in the agriculture sector.

Governed by the ordinance is the restriction of slaughtering more than one carabao during 'puksu', 'bodong' and wakes ceremonies and any person slaughtering carabao during 'peyalus', since such actions are now declared as unlawful.

Failure to act in compliance with the ordinance will be fined P2,500 and/or shall be penalized one-month imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

To ensure enforcement and compliance of the ordinance, the Lubuagan Philippine National Police (PNP) shall serve as the lead agency in implementing the new law while the punong barangays, tanods, youths and elders are also enjoined to give their full support, assistance and cooperation.

The ordinance was passed and ratified during the regular session of the Sangguniang Bayan on March 8, 2021, by the SB chair Vice Mayor Victor Dickly and the SB members. It was then signed and approved by Mayor Charisma Anne Dickpus

The ordinance shall apply to and cover all persons within the jurisdiction of the municipality and shall take effect in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991.

It can be recalled that the ordinance, during last year’s deliberation and proposal, Mayor Dickpus related that it became customary for the iLubuagen to butcher carabaos based on the number of the children of the deceased and if done otherwise, “makanchawan da ngay”.

The mayor said that her concern is that such practice gives a serious burden to the bereaved families, especially those who are not well off. She said that some incurred huge debts had to enrol for a loan or mortgage their land just to buy carabaos to satisfy the practice.

“Concern ko lang gamin dagitoy mabati, siyempre they have to start their lives all over ket apay ngay a kasla mas marigatan da pay ta imbes maka-move on da ket adda ti burden nga utang wenno gastos gapu lang ta kababain nu saan da nga agparti ti nuwang nga inaldaw. Wenno usto lang kuma diay maysa para diay maysa week,” she expressed.

Additionally, Dickpus also expressed her worry that “their hard-earned money would only be spent in an instant” due to having to spend over their normal budget for memorial services. Some, she said, even had to sacrifice their own carabaos regardless its importance to their farm works.

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