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Magalong apologizes over heckling of VP’s daughter in Baguio

Baguio City, Philippines – After a reported heckling incident during the visit of Jillian Robredo at the Baguio City Market, Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued an apology Wednesday, April 27, 2022 emphasizing that the physical outburst by the woman involved in the incident is not a representative of the city’s legendary hospitable conduct.

“Baguio folks, regardless of ethnic roots, are generally friendly, ever-smiling, and hospitable to visitors and guests. This is why it is with deep regrets that the city officialdom extends sincere apology to Ms. Jillian Robredo, daughter of our esteemed Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo…” the mayor stated.

Magalong added that rudeness has never been a standard conduct of Baguio folks and as a favourite tourist destination; Baguio citizens are by and large amiable, warm, and sincere in their ways.

Further, Magalong said that Baguio is a peaceful place whose historical experience in election campaigns has been a source of genuine friendship not just among local candidates but much more when visiting candidates come to the city for good-intention engagements.

“We sincerely hope that Ms. Jillian and her team of supporters will regard this unfortunate incident as purely an isolated one that took place in a momentary outburst of political misdemeanour,” the mayor said.

“To the Vice President’s daughter and to other visiting candidates and their supporters, do accept our heartfelt regrets over this incident. We treat everyone with utmost fairness, with nothing but the very best experience our visitors can have while in our midst,” Magalong added.

Accordingly, the presidential aspirant’s daughter and her team were walking along the market for a tour on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 when a woman reportedly shouted at her for what must have been a misunderstood presence by the latter.

As claimed by One Baguio-Benguet Robredo People’s Council (OBB-RPC) said heckling incident was “unprovoked”.


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