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Man hangs self in front of son after misunderstandings with girlfriend

Updated: Jun 3

Cauayan City, Isabela - Following the arguments he had with his girlfriend, a 37-year-old man in Isabela decided to end his own life, and what's even sadder is he did it in front of his young son.


The deceased, identified as alias “Dan”, was a 37-year-old tricycle driver and a resident of Cauayan City, Isabela.


Reports from Cauayan Police obtained by local media disclosed that Dan hanged himself at their house in Barangay Marabulig 1 on Sunday, May 19.

While he did it, his 8-year-old son was watching him.


The boy, as he confessed to investigators, said he grabbed his father’s cellphone and called his grandmother to inform her of what his father was doing.


The old woman, when being notified, reported the matter to the authorities, who then immediately proceeded to the location to rescue the victim.


Unfortunately, Dan was not able to survive despite several attempts to save his life.


Further investigation was conducted and it was revealed that he had a misunderstanding with his girlfriend few days before the incident; thus, police concluded that lover’s quarrel was the cause of the suicide.