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Mayor Gumilab reassures Tinglayan communities for a more developed municipality

Tabuk City, Kalinga – On the first Flag Raising Ceremony attended by the new set of officials and employees of the municipality of Tinglayan on Monday, July 18, Mayor Sacrament Gumilab vowed anew the pursuit of a ‘Tongrayan Umunno-unnoy’ or a more developed Tinglayan.

‘Tongrayan Umunno-unnoy’ has always been the tagline of the municipality since the local executive officer took his seat as mayor of the town in 2016.

Now in his third term, the mayor said he will continue working hard along with the newly elected and re-elected officials of the municipality to realize the people’s dreams.

“Thank you very much because I have been given another 3 years' term to finish all our projects, all our dreams. And I’m here to tell you that we will finish what we have started, and we will do whatever it takes,” the mayor said.

The main plans of the Gumilab’s administration are focused on maintaining peace and order, particularly the Butbut-Betwagan conflict and the problem of marijuana.

Added to those are the construction of more road networks, the continuation of the municipal building, the ‘Umunnoyan’ Hospital, and the continuous implementation of the Pumer-asan program, among others.

To achieve said plans, he called on LGU employees to unite as one, reminding them that politics is over, and the priority is now the implementation of programs and projects necessary for the betterment of Tinglayan.

He also encouraged them to persevere as models for every young member of the community.

As for his fellow elected officials, Gumilab solicited their support and asked them to work together as one team with a proactive approach to all matters.

“In these 3 years, we should do our best as one team and finish laying out the foundations for our people so that the next leaders will no longer be hindered by the same problems or even going back to zero,” Gumilab said.

“We continue moving forward. That’s why our battle cry is Tongrayan Umunno-unnoy because it keeps on developing, it keeps on improving,” he stressed.


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