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Minors in Mt. Province warned against fake mandatory military training invitation

Mt. Province, Philippines – The Mountain Province government is warning minors against circulating invitation of a supposed ‘Mandatory Military Service for Students’, saying that said message is a hoax.

Through the Provincial Government of Mountain Province Facebook page, the government released a text message brought to their attention which summons students for a ‘Mandatory Military Service’ training which is said to start on Sunday.

Additionally, the text message also invites these ‘chosen’ students to undergo the said training at the Provincial Plaza on January 29.

The Mountain Province Provincial Government then discredits the circulating text message, saying that if ever the military and the police recruit students for military service, the information will be communicated through formal letters addressed to school authorities for proper dissemination and guidance.

Also, they added that this kind of information will also be posted on legitimate or official Facebook pages and other social media platforms for information dissemination.

The provincial government then appeals to the students who have received said text message to ignore the invitation.

“To our children who may have received such message, please ignore the text message and advise your peers that the message is a prank. We do not know the motive of the person/s behind the circulating text message. DO NOT HEED THE INVITATION,” the provincial government wrote.

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