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Mother pleads for 1-year-old baby suffering from serious skin infection

A one-year-old baby from Naneng, Tabuk is suffering from a serious infection which causes her skin to peel all over her body. When the baby moves, breaking of the skin leads to bleeding.

Khatya Delilah Taringting Ramos was diagnosed with a Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome, a serious skin infection whose symptoms include peeling of skin and blisters.

Khatya’s mom, Shannel Guasi Taringting, narrated that her daughter’s case started with a simple wound on her nose.

“Ti ammu mi nasugat na lang tapos idi kabigat na nagakar idiay ayan ti maysa side iti agung na,” Shannel explained, adding they thought it was only a normal wound until the bruise spread all over Khatya’s body.

According to Shannel, her daughter struggles to even open her eyes and can barely move her head due to the serious peeling of her skin. Even with a simple movement, her skin bleeds.

On June 5, they rushed Khatya to a private hospital in Tabuk City where she was admitted.

Mum pleads for daughter’s hospitalization

With her present situation, Shannel, 22, is asking kind-hearted people to help her baby.

She said it is difficult for she is due to give birth to her second baby this month.

Shannel is a plain housewife, and her partner, Davis Ramos, is a tricycle driver. They said the amount of money they make could barely support the bills.

Davis’ average daily income is at least P550.

“Nu agkaswerte apan 700 pero kada agawid ited na diay boundary ti akin bagi tricycle,” Shannel explained.

Shannel admitted that they find it difficult to pay their increasing hospital bill and to provide for their daughter’s medicines and needs. Due to lack of resources, she added that they opted to stay in the ward when they were brought to a private room.

“Grabe ma'am awan ti oras nga haan nak agsangit kanayun, ken nasakit para kinyak nga kitak diay anak ko nga agrigrigat,” she expressed.

Khatya is still at the hospital

Khatya is still at the hospital as of this writing. Shannel said she wasn’t informed of what else to be done to make her baby get better apart from the current oral medication being given to her.

She is hoping and praying that her baby will recover through the help of those who read her story.

To help baby Khatya, you may send any amount to Mark Davies Ramos’ GCash number; 09558204154.


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