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Murder charges filed against police officials involved in Abra shootout

Updated: May 3, 2022

Abra, Philippines – The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), in its April 28 statement, announced that NBI - National Capital Region (NCR) filed murder charges against the police officers allegedly involved in the March 29 shootout, killing the security aide of Pilar Vice-Mayor Jaja Josefina Somero Disono.

The bureau said that charges were filed at the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday, April 28.

Charged with murder are PBGEN Ronald O. Lee, PNP-CAR Regional Director; P/COL Maly Castillo Cula, PNP - Abra Provincial Director; PLt.Col. Melencio M. Mina, Chief of Provincial Intelligence Unit of PNP - Abra Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit; PCpt. Ronald G. Eslabra, Acting Chief of Police of the Pilar Municipal Police Station; PLt. Boyd Leeson Dom-Oguen Kis-Ing; Pat. Frenzel Paus Alperez; PCpl. Allan Dale M. Sabiano; PCpl. Joedel G. Jove; PCpl. Ariel Felipe; Pat. Pietro Delmar T. Aveño; PSMS. Sandy C. Claveria; and PCpl. Chrisler D. Lucas.

Also charged are Rodrigo V. Basa II, the Election Officer of the Commission on Elections as well as several other unidentified police officers assigned at Regional Mobile Force Battalion 15; several other unidentified police officers assigned at Pilar Municipal Police Station (MPS); and several unidentified police officers assigned at the Provincial Intelligence Unit, Abra Provincial Police Office.

The NBI said “in addition to the murder charges, perjury and incriminating an innocent person were also filed against PLt. Kis-Ing, PCpl. Sabiniano, Pat. Aveno, PCpl. Jove, and Pat. Alperez.”

The investigation was conducted by NBI following the complaint from Pilar Mayor Mark Ronald Somera, Disono, and the sister of Sanee Boy Bermudo, the deceased victim security aide of the vice-mayor.

“Based on the investigation conducted by the NBI-NCR, the convoy of Vice Mayor Disono was deliberately fired upon by the involved police officers,” revealed the bureau.

According to NBI, the police initially claimed that they were conducting a legitimate Comelec checkpoint along Berona Street, Pilar, Abra, when the shootout occurred.

However, CCTV footages gathered by the investigating team showed there was no visible checkpoint along the said area at that time.

The NBI further belied PNP’s claim that its “557″ police vehicle was fired upon by one of the passengers of Disono’s convoy.

“Based on the CCTV footage, the Police Mobile bearing the marking “557″ was seen pursuing the target van without a bullet hole and suddenly stopped pursuing the van. Minutes later, the said Police Mobile suddenly showed up with an evident bullet hole in the front passenger,” explained the bureau.


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