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NCCA approves rules and regulations of law pushing for establishment of Kalinga Cultural Center

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The establishment of the Kalinga Cultural Center in the province is drawing nearer to reality following the approval of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the law seeking its construction.

The bill authored by Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang in pursuit of the construction of said edifice was signed into law in May last year.

In a meeting held Tuesday, Sept. 12, Provincial Tourism Officer Lorraine Ngao-i relayed another development pertaining to said law, saying its IRR was already approved.

"The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), through its Board Resolution No. 2023-319, has officially given the green light to the IRR. This monumental decision signals a significant step forward in realizing the vision set forth in RA 1770," says the provincial local government unit of Kalinga in its press release.

The center, if erected, will serve as an institutional medium for the collection, preservation, and enhancement of the cultural, artistic, archeological, social, and religious heritage of the people of Kalinga.

It will have a space for exhibitions, archives, archaeological finds, a gallery, literature, artifacts, and an art section.

As disclosed by Ngao-i in a previous interview, the proposed location of the center is within the capitol grounds, adjacent to the Kalinga Sports Center.

She added that it will utilize 3,500 square meters of land owned by the provincial government unit, serving as its counterpart to the project.

After IRR, what’s next?

Following the finalization of the IRR, a Memorandum of Agreement will be signed between the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the provincial government.

According to Ngao-i, the MOA signing has not been scheduled yet since there is still a need to create a technical working group. After the MOA signing, the provision of the funding will soon follow.

In connection to this, Ngao-i added that an initial funding of P100 million under the General Appropriation Act shall be provided for the erection of the center.

As for its architectural design, the members of the United Architects of the Philippines - Kalinga Chico River Chapter, volunteered to take on the responsibility.

“By investing in cultural preservation and heritage development, the province of Kalinga is not only nurturing its roots but also opening doors to economic opportunities through tourism and cultural exchange,” the provincial local government emphasized.



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