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Old man in Cudal, Tabuk found 2 naked dead bodies on his farm

Updated: Mar 4

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A farmer in Tabuk City was shocked having discovered dead bodies on his farm while harvesting coffee beans this Sunday morning.


The 61-year-old told authorities that he went to his coffee plantation in Cudal around 9:30 a.m. of March 3 to harvest coffee beans, and while he was doing the task, he sensed a foul odor at the place which is around 750 meters away from the highway.


This prompted him to call the attention of Punong Barangay Joey Laigo who sent his officials together with other community members at the area.

As they dug up the portion of the land where the unpleasant smell was coming from, they came across two cadavers buried just around 1.1 meter deep in the ground.


The two bodies are said to be at the state of decomposing making it difficult to identify them.


It was further described that one of the bodies was lying on his back with his hands tied with plastic wire. The other corpse was on his side.


Both of the cadavers initially said to be adults were not wearing anything but diapers.


The Kalinga Provincial Forensic Unit processed the crime scene before the two cadavers were sent to the funeral parlor.


Investigation on the case is still ongoing.