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Pasil LGU reminds barangays to submit documents for functionality assessment

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Pasil, Kalinga – All punong barangays in the municipality of Pasil were reminded to submit required documents such as self-assessment tool and means of verifications (MOVs) to the Department of Interior and Local Government – Pasil Field Office on or before June 30, 2022.

This, according to Municipal Local Government Operations Officer Helen Lacuesta, is to give time for the Municipal Assessment Team to validate, assess the sectoral functionality, and recommend the performance level of the barangays.

“I-remind ko manen dagiti kapitan kasta met dagiti secretaries tayo ken concerned officials and employees tayo ti barangay tapnu iti kasta ket simpaen da iti records da, isubmit da dagiti MOVs ken activities da related to the sectoral functionality…ngamin nu awan ti ited yu nga documents or MOVs, awan ti mai-assess mi nga activity yu iti barangay so nasaysayaat nga isubmit yu kuma on time,” reiterated Lacuesta.

The said office is simultaneously conducting separate assessments on Barangay Peace and Order Council Functionality, Anti-Drug Abuse Council Functionality, and Barangay Development Council Functionality.

The MLGOO informed that they are currently assessing years 2020 and 2021 since last year’s scheduled assessment was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ti importante gamin ditoy, transparency. Usually, ti maas-assess as to the organization (ket) nu agcon-conduct ba ti meeting iti barangay, adda ba iti plans and programs nga naaramid for that sector, for that council or committee idiay barangay. Nu adda ti plans or programs nga naikabil idiay budget, na-implement ba?” explained Lacuesta.

In addition, the office likewise evaluates the innovations of the barangays and the process of how they were able to carry out their programs despite the pandemic.

The MLGOO underscored their office remains open for technical and other assistance needed by the barangays officials to comply with the national mandates.


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