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Past Grievances Turn Deadly: Farmer hacked to death in Rizal, Cagayan

Rizal, Cagayan – A supposedly merry drinking spree turned deadly in Barangay Gaggabutan West, Rizal, Cagayan after a hacking incident transpired, resulting in the death of a farmer Monday afternoon, May 13.


Prior to the incident, the victim and suspect were at a drinking session in a shanty owned by alias Daryl.


While in the middle of their drinking bout, a past issue in which the suspect sustained injuries after the victim hacked him a year ago was brought up.

This might have angered the suspect, causing him to grab the victim’s bolo and start hacking him.


Rizal police disclosed that the victim suffered hack wounds in various parts of his body.


He was brought to the Rizal Health Unit but was pronounced dead on arrival.


As for the suspect, he immediately fled the scene. While a hot pursuit operation was swiftly conducted by Rizal police, the suspect voluntarily surrendered and is now in the custody of Rizal Police Station.

He will be facing homicide charges, Rizal police conveyed.


The victim was named by police as alias Sani, while the suspect was hidden under the name ‘Ali’.


In connection with the incident, the public is encouraged by the station’s chief of police, Police Major Sherwin Viernes to contact them when such an incident transpires for them to act immediately and apprehend the person who committed the crime.


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