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Pinukpuk farmer's decomposing body found

Pinukpuk, Kalinga – A farmer’s decomposing body was found by his children at his nipa hut in Sitio Kapanikian in Barangay Camalog on Sunday afternoon, November 21.

According to the initial investigation sent by Police Major Lee Alvin Alinao, Pinukpuk Chief of Police, the victim’s son and son-in-law decided to visit him while they were traversing the Pinukpuk-national road at around 5:00 in the afternoon.

The dead man, Silvestre Ayyom, 61, farmer and resident of Bayao, Pinukpuk was said to be a caretaker of a cornfield in Kapanikian and that he was staying at a nipa hut at the said place.

When his son and son-in-law were already walking towards his nipa hut, they smelled a foul odor, prompting them to search and look for the source of the strong smell.

It was then they discovered the decomposing body of Ayyom, who was lying in his hammock.

The two notified Camalog’s barangay captain Jayvee Bangon, who immediately contacted the Pinukpuk Municipal Police Station.

Investigation on the case is still ongoing.

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