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Police in Kalinga to get orientation on Bodong System and IPRA law

Lubuagan, Kalinga – All personnel of the Philippine National Police in Kalinga are to undergo lectures on the Kalinga Bodong System and the Indigenous People's Rights Act, a move made to protect law enforcers on tribal conflicts that may ensue after legitimate police operations.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Jomarick Felina, the Kalinga Deputy Provincial Director for Administration, informed that the Kalinga Advisory Council crafted a resolution that requires police officers in the province to undergo a series of lectures orienting them about the peace-pact system and IPRA law.

According to Felina, it has been observed that some of the police officers are hesitant to arrest ‘binodngans’.

“Kasla sometimes kadagiay kapulisan pagrasun da daytoy Bodong system nu apay a haan da kayat nga agtrabaho nu ipan da i-serve an or tiliwan ket binodngan. Apay a haan yu kayat a tiliwen dayta, binodngan,sir,” Felina explained.

To address this concern, the Kalinga Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) made Resolution No. 002, S. 2022 that mandates the conduct of lecture on IPRA law and the Kalinga Bodong System to the members of PNP in Kalinga especially those who are newly assigned in the service and not members of the Indigenous tribes.

“Kas maysa a kapulisan, kas kunada, we implement the law but somehow we respect the Bodong system of Kalinga,” he said.

Content of the Resolution

The Provincial Advisory Council Resolution No. 002, S. 2022 mentioned that the PAC and the PNP observed that some of the PNP who are IP are not aware of their rights as members of the binodngan tribes.

The conduct of lecture on the said topics aims at equipping the law enforcers with the necessary course of actions they should take when conducting legitimate police operations. Apart from this, the lectures are also said to be beneficial to the professional growth of the PNP Kalinga.

“The passing of said resolution is necessary to protect our law enforcers on ensuing tribal conflicts every after legitimate police operations involving offenders who are members of the binodngan tribes and have been an effective tool in settling tribal disputes among tribes and adjacent province since yesteryears,” the PAC wrote in the resolution.


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