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Santa Marcela, Apayao celebrates with their first ever PMA graduate

Updated: Jun 5

Santa Marcela, Apayao - The town of Santa Marcela, Apayao celebrates the graduation of their son from the most prestigious military academy in the country, the Philippine Military Academy.


2LT Philip Jhonard D. Peneyra, 24, successfully hurdled the rigorous training and the demands of the military program and is now ready to serve the country.


In an interview with Guru Press Cordillera on Thursday, May 23, 2024, Peneyra conveyed his message to his fellow youth, inspiring them to strive for their aspirations.  ‘‘I aim to impact young people by serving as a role model of integrity, dedication, and leadership. I will share my experiences and lessons learned to inspire them to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges with determination and resilience. By demonstrating the importance of service, discipline, and honor, ‘’ he expressed, adding he hoped his life would encourage them.

Peneyra likewise related how he had survived the obstacles while inside PMA. He admitted that “the greatest challenge I encountered inside the academy was adapting to the rigorous physical and mental demands of the program. The intense schedule, combined with the need to maintain high academic and physical standards, was initially overwhelming.”


He said he overcame the challenges “by developing a strong support network with my fellow cadets and mentors, maintaining a positive mindset, and focusing on time management and resilience. I learned to break down tasks into manageable parts and celebrate small victories along the way, which helped me stay motivated and committed to my goals.‘’


PJ Peneyra is a resident of Barangay Sipa, in Santa Marcela town and the youngest among his siblings. His father Mr. Jhonard Peneyra, is a farmer while his mother Mrs. Jovielyn D. Peneyra is an overseas worker. When asked why he pursued becoming a cadet, Peneyra stated, “I chose to become a PMA cadet because I have always been inspired by the values of discipline, honor, and service to the nation.’’

He is one of the two hundred seventy-eight (278) cadets now military officers who graduated from the PMA "Bagong Sinag" Class of 2024 on May 18, 2024, at Fort General Gregorio Del Pilar in Baguio City.


Meanwhile, Santa Marcela Mayor Evelyn B. Martinez and Vice-Mayor Rolly Guiang commended Peneyra for bringing honor to the province, and more importantly for his resilience and passion for military service.

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