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Single mom working as housekeeper fell victim to snatcher in Tabuk City

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A single mom, employed as a house helper, fell victim to a snatching incident while on her way to work in Barangay San Juan on Friday morning.


At approximately 5:30 a.m. on February 2, the 40-year-old victim was en route to the house where she works when she noticed a man sitting at the side of the road with his head down.


Assuming he was intoxicated and asleep, she proceeded, only to have the individual suddenly snatch her bag containing cash and her cellphone.


In pursuit, the 40-year-old chased the suspect, who left his slippers at the scene. Unfortunately, the perpetrator managed to escape with the assistance of an accomplice waiting on a motorcycle.

The victim's friend, Lha Lha Apita, informed GURU Press Cordillera that the stolen cash was the remaining amount from her loan.


Apita further revealed that the victim is the sole provider for her children, who are enrolled in college and elementary school.


As the family's only breadwinner, the single mom walks to work every morning from Block 3, Bulanao to San Juan, and repeats the journey in the afternoon.


Apita, in a cautionary note, urged the public to remain vigilant and advised against responding to any messages from the number 09552193634, as it corresponds to the stolen cellphone of the victim.


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