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Suspected Chinese rocket debris found in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Sanchez Mira, Cagayan – Debris found in the waters of Sanchez Mira on Saturday, March 2, was likely remnants of a Chinese rocket, according to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).


The rocket debris was sighted by some residents floating 50 meters away from the seaside.


In his interview with the Cagayan Provincial Information Office, Coast Guard Ensign Lamie Manglugay said the assumption that it might be from a Chinese rocket was based on the Chinese characters seen in the remnants.

It was also on February 23 when an advisory was issued by the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA), warning government agencies concerned to safeguard their jurisdiction and warning its residents of the risks posed by falling debris with the launch of the Long March 5 Y7 rocket from China.


“Expected debris from the rocket launch was projected to have fallen within the identified drop zones approximately 97 NM (DZ 1) away from Dalupuri Island, Cagayan, and 113 NM (DZ 2) away from Santa Ana, Cagayan,” part of the advisory reads.


As relayed by the officer, it was the morning of said date when some concerned citizens reported the sighting.


Verification was made on the report, resulting in the discovery of the debris, a fiber-platted material that has a length of about six meters.


The rocket debris was already brought to Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT) 8 on Sunday, March 3, for its proper disposition.


With the said incident, PCG is now urging the public to report any suspected debris sightings to local authorities for their safety.


As earlier warned by PSA, individuals should not retrieve or get near said materials as they may contain toxic remnants like rocket fuel.