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Tabuk City Mighty Buffalos collect 7 gold medals in Muay Thai

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Young fighters in Tabuk City did not come to Apayao just to play, but also to take home gold medals in the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) Meet 2024.


For this year’s CARAA Meet, Muay Thai athletes in the region were given the opportunity to display their skills after the said martial art was included as one of the demo sports.


Having been given the chance to join in the CARAA Muay Thai games, the Tabuk City Mighty Buffalos did not hold back and collected a total of 18 medals – 7 gold, 4 silver, and 7 bronze.

The gold medalists are Tonette Tarnate and Guenneth Agustin who snatched a gold medal in Muay Thai – Mai Muay (pair) - elementary level. Alexander Jr. Tagure and Klein Sulca, and Eowyn Keith Magmoyao and Ernie Bucalen got a gold in Muay Thai - Mai Muay (pair) - secondary level. Guenneth Agustin also won gold in Muay Thai -  Wai (11-12 years old).


For silver: Tristan Matalang and Ralph Liwaliw won in the Muay Thai-Mai Muay(pair) – elementary level;  while Marcus As-il Agustin and Tristan Miles in the Muay Thai -  Wai Kru - elementary level.


The bronze medalists, meantime, are Kim Lawrence Estacio and Shakespeare Bacacao who won in the Muay Thai-Mai Muay(pair) – secondary; Jhanaiah Leigh Matalang, Muay Thai -  Wai Kru (12-13 years old); Zhandy Jazmine Paclay, Muay Thai -  Wai Kru(14-16 years old); Ernie Rosemarie Bucalen, Muay Thai -  Wai Kru(16-17 years old); Tagure, Muay Thai -  Wai Kru(14-15 years old); and Kim Lawrence Estacio, Muay Thai -  Wai Kru(16-17 years old).


These young fighters were accompanied by their coachers, Xandie Wayaway and Faye Matalang, and their trainer, Erwin Tagure.