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Taloctoc, Tanudan hanging bridge connecting rice fields soon to rise

Tanudan, Kalinga — Farmers in Taloctoc will no longer have to risk their lives crossing the Tanudan river when going to their rice fields with the construction of a 125-meter hanging bridge in Matocayong, Lower Taloctoc.

Said bridge that began construction in October 2021 will connect the rice fields separated by the Tanudan river in the said barangay.

According to Alex Ladwingon, Executive Assistant to Tanudan Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag, the construction of the bridge started with the P900,000 funding allotted by the Tanudan Local Government Unit and the P500,000 given by the Office of Vice Governor Dave Odiem and Board Members Mark Aldrich Diasen, Fred Pangsiw, and Lester Tarnate.

He said that the P900,000 covers the two posts and two anchors while the P500,000 is allotted for the 246-meter main cable and other materials.

Due to limited funding, the hanging bridge will be constructed by phase and its completion depends on the funding available allotted yearly for the project.

Ladwingon expressed hope for the immediate completion of the hanging bridge since this will prevent putting the lives of the farmers in danger of crossing the river, especially during the rainy seasons when the water level tends to rise.

Mayor Dagadag thanked Vice Governor Odiem and Board Members Diasen, Pangsiw, and Tarnate for funding the project so it could start. He added that even by phase, the project will be completed soon and that the farmers won’t have to risk their lives attending to their livelihood.

“By phase ta diay lang available a pondo iti mai-allot para ditoy a proyekto ngem nu malpas, dagitoy farmers tayon tu ket haan dan kailangan a magna ditoy karayan tapnu lang mapan idiay taltalon da. Haanen a delikado para kadakuada karkaru nu pinagtutudo,” Mayor Dagadag expressed.

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