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Tanudan senior citizens receive first quarter social pension

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Tanudan, Kalinga — A total of 861 senior citizens in Tanudan received their social pension for the first quarter of 2022 during the two-day payout on February 7 and 8, 2022 at their respective barangays.

Based on the record of Social Welfare and Development – Kalinga, 115 beneficiaries from Dupligan got their stipend; 29 for Aggacan; 19, Anggacan Sur; 40, Babbanoy; 73, Dacalan; 42, Lay-asan; 16, Lower Mangali; 48, Lower Taloctoc; 68, Lower Lubo; 39, Mangali Centro; 72, Mabaca; 67, Gaang; 26, Poblacion; 75, Pangol; 71, Upper Lubo; and 61 in Upper Taloctoc.

April Rose Soliaban, Project Development Officer for Social Pension Program of SWAD-Kalinga, informed that there are 117 beneficiaries who did not get their P1,500 pension as of yet.

Soliaban explained said that the pension if left unclaimed will be sent back to the regional office in compliance with the Commission on Audit and the program guidelines, adding they are going to wait for formal instructions from the region on what to do with beneficiaries who weren’t able to get their social pension.

Meantime, the target month for the 2nd quarter payout of social pension will be this April.

Soliaban reminds the beneficiaries in Tanudan to follow the schedule and venue of payout in order for them not to miss their stipend.

Should there be any concerns and clarifications, they can seek the guidance of the SWAD Office and the Tanudan Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.



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