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‘Teachers are the light and hope (heart & mind) of the city’- Gov. Tubban on TCNHS’ 50th Anniversary

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As Tabuk City National High School commemorates its Golden Anniversary this February 25, 2022, Governor Ferdinand Tubban, through his representative Brent Martinez, praised the teachers for their significant influence on learners who became contributors to the city and the province as a whole.

In Tubban’s message, he emphasized the indispensable roles of teachers in creating leaders and creating impactful changes to communities.

“You dear teachers are the heart and mind of the city and the province. Your thoughts, actions, and words to the learners will significantly influence what they become, the kind of leaders they become, either a leader of shared governance and accountability or a leader of mediocrity,” stressed the governor.

Tubban further underscored that ‘if we want change, we need to invest in education more. If we invest in teachers, we must tell the teachers to invest in their students and not just in their titles.’

Here’s the Message of Governor Tubban:

“Through the years, it is not hidden but a common knowledge that Tabuk City National High School has produced world class and international level students who, after finishing their university level, worked in several prestigious and key institutions, agencies, organizations in the country and the world. This is a fact that started from its beginnings.

Fifty (50) years from its birth, this is what Tabuk City National High School is now.

Looking at it draws educational jealousy among the older generations who did not experience the amenities, facilities, and whatever new equipment can provide to learners at present.

You now have tall buildings, computer classrooms, broadcasting rooms, fully equipped laboratories, and lots of learning materials. You have grown huge and evolved into an educational hub matching other best schools in the region and beyond.

You are now High School wanted and desired. You reached a level of global excellence.

We cannot produce the best student with the worst teacher

Now, the reason behind the Golden Years and Global Excellence, I believe, is that Tabuk City National High School has been blessed with good and real teachers from the 1970s, during its formative years, up to this time of maturity.

We cannot produce the best student with the worst teacher, a bad teacher produces a bad student. As our teacher used to say, garbage in, garbage out. I’m glad we didn’t have teachers feeding us garbage.

You could relate to this if you were a high school student in the 1970s or 80s. Students back then wanted to finish their schooling to become a teacher. Being a teacher holds a command of respect, authority, and influence. Teachers are the second parents. Teachers are the molders and shapers of the future.

Sadly, the public discourse on education relating to the mobility of teaching and profession has changed as ideas on educating the young have become more commercialized. Teaching and learning are being invaded by business models and entertainment.

Keep your character and rally towards upholding values

My message to Tabuk City National High School, its administrators, teachers, and the whole workforce, is to keep your character and rally towards upholding values of honesty, hard work, love, cooperation, kindness, public service, excellence, and being a good example. These start at home, but they get practiced and reinforced here at school.

We have good leaders because we have good teachers.

In your vision, it states “Tabuk City National High School shall be nurturing institution that provides relevant education, producing functionally literate and critical minded learners imbued with desirable values towards nation building.”

The last part is the most difficult. Mere words cannot teach this part. This can only be conducted by examples.

If teachers and school authorities, as examples to students, do not exercise the use of these tools, how will the students use them appropriately?

Suppose we want another golden year of excellence, in that case, what we need is to revisit our vision. Check ourselves, look at our goals and dreams for the younger generation for a better today and for a brighter tomorrow.

On Becoming a Teacher

Teachers don’t invest ONLY in titles, positions, or fancy clothing and cars, but also in your students. Becoming a teacher is a tough decision to make because it is burdened with sacrifices and heartaches.

High school teachers are very important, as important as those who are teaching in elementary… Becoming a teacher is the most critical and challenging job. Nevertheless, a real teacher knows that no money, title, or position can buy respect, love, and dignity.

A natural or real teacher is worth a thousand more than a bank account or a PhD.

A real teacher produces leaders who can lead the public, and in his mind, serving his community first before his wants.

Without real teachers, the golden years of an educational institution such as Tabuk City National High School will only be a ritual… but with the genuine teachers of Tabuk City National High School, the golden years is not only a commemoration of a golden anniversary but also a commemoration of those living and dead, who have sacrificed their time, given their love, and carried the burden of teaching. To the retirees, to the coming retirees, and those who are dead, we give our respect.

Working together to create Tabuk City National High School that we know today is not easy, it has not been erected with a bed of roses but also of tears and difficulties.

Dear teachers, please do not give up. Teach well and teach with all your might. One day, your students may become a Mayor, a Governor, a Congressman, a Senator, or even the President of the country. And these students will remember your teachings and follow you.

Remember, you are the future. Without you, we will be hopeless.

Congratulations Tabuk City National High School, Happy 50th Founding Anniversary!

You are blessed with real teachers. May their kind increase all the more and become the main force of change.

Thank you dear teachers for all you have done to set our characters straight and for becoming a light unto our paths. Matatago kayo losan!”

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