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‘Ti karik… hanko palubusan ti anomalya ken corruption (ditoy Tabuk City)’-Atty. Comafay

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Practicing lawyer, Atty. Errol Comafay Jr., a candidate for Tabuk City Council, affirmed his objective in running which, he said, is to safeguard the government fund from any form of corruption.

Comafay reiterated his platform during a radio program aired on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

In one segment, the candidate was tasked by the host to draw a question from the fishbowl. Among the questions, he picked "How will he implement his agenda if given the chance to be elected despite contradiction of other councilors?"

In response, Comafay assured he is prepared to carry out his pledge to the people of Tabuk which is to protect their money. Those who will oppose, he added, would mean they are for corruption.

“Maymaysa lang met ti karik, ti karik ket bantayak ti pondo ti gobyerno. Nalaka nga aramidek diay ta adda kabaelak. Nakasagaanak nga mangbantay, adalek nga nalaing su matungpal ko diay. Nu adda ti kumontra, kayat na sao en, daytoy kumontra ket han na kayat nga mabantayan ti pondo ti gobyerno ket dapat a ma-expose tayo dagita tattao nga dagita ngem ti karik ket bantayak ti pondo ti gobyerno, hanko palubusan ti anomalya ti kontrata iti gobyerno, hanko palubusan nga adda ti corruption ti kontrata ti gobyerno,” stressed the councilor aspirant.

Comafay appealed to the voters to ensure that the candidates they will vote for have the capability and principle to help the community, not those running for personal interest.

“Ti prinsipyok ket haan nga mabaybayadan ket gapu dita nga prinsipyok, nu adda makitak nga anomalya kadagita kontrata ken programa ti gobyerno, kontraek. Nu adda makitak nga corruption, labanak. Nu adda makitak nga abosado nga opisyal, kasoak isunga nu kayat yu nga mabantayan ti pondo ti gobyerno, ibutos yu siak , nu kagura yu dagiti kurakot ibotos yu siak , pangaasi yu kakailyan,” Comafay concluded.


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