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Tinglayan, Kalinga launches ‘Fachang’ program providing cash aid to PWDs

Tinglayan, Kalinga –Tinglayan Local Government Unit headed by Mayor Sacrament Gumilab provided financial assistance amounting to P72,000 to 48 PWDs in the locality during the launching of the “Fachang” program.

“Fachang,” which means bearing one another’s burden, is a program by the LGU to address the needs of persons with disability (PWDs) in the municipality, was launched on October 19, 2022, with the awarding cash aid in Barangay Bangad Centro.

For the first 48 beneficiaries, the Municipal Information Office said 20 were from Centro Bangad, 16 from Lower Bangad and 12 from Upper Bangad. Other barangays will soon have their pay-out.

During the launching, Mayor Gumilab recalled the plea of a concerned citizen from Dananao in 2021 during a meeting conducted for the proposed increase of financial assistance for the elderly in the municipality.

A resident in said area proposed that a program or the welfare of PWDs who cannot work to provide for themselves should be given attention.

“At that time, all of us who were listening to her were touched by her words. She opened our eyes to the hardship and difficulties faced by PWDs and their families. Truly, if we can provide assistance for BHW and senior citizens who can still work for themselves, how much more for our PWDs? Thus, right after the assembly, I and my fellow officials convened to plan how we can help them,” Gumilab stated.

In 2021, an ordinance regarding the proposal was made. This was authored by Councilor Bartholome Aboli.

The implementation was immediately done this year, thus the launching and awarding ceremony this month.

“Our battle cry, Tongrayan Umunno-Unnoy is of no use if one sector of our community is still in destitute circumstance. This program is our declaration that in this municipality, we will leave no one behind. We shall go together hand-in-hand,” highlighted Mayor Gumilab.

Under said program, PWDs in Tinglayan municipality whose age range from one-month-old to 59 years old shall receive annual cash assistance of P6,000 from the municipal LGU or quarterly support of P1,500.

Based on the Municipal Social Welfare and Development’s data, there are 324 PWDs in the locality.

In connection with this, barangay officials in the 20 barangays of Tinglayan are advised to verify their list of PWDs to be added in the data of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development.


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